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We assist you by matching a qualified tutor and schedule that best fits you / your student, then you can arrange times to meet with your tutor whenever you desire.  We generally suggest weekly meetings for accountability and growth.

Our goal is to help students succeed in their academics and help support them in learning study skills as well as content mastery & confidence. We understand that students sometimes just need an advocate, someone to help support and supplement what they learn in the classroom and teach it at their speed.  This is why we strive to help students become independent learners by breaking the material down to the basics, while modeling good study habtis and test strategies as well.

How does Best Tutors Ever work?

Contact us at our office (916) 496-2939 or e-mail us with a description of what you're looking for and we will schedule a Meet Me Session where we can get you started with a tutor that suits your student's needs.


You are also able to browse through each tutor's profile on our About Us page in order to request a specific tutor.

This is a great website that is also free and goes along with your student's text book curriculum (if the book is a McDougal Littell published book).  Search for your textbook or use it as extra practice for section quizzes and tests to help with test prep.

How do I get a tutor?

Sal Khan started posting helpful math tutorials to YouTube years ago and now it has become a popular website that keeps track of your progress and offers videos and hints to help improve your skills.  This is one of our favorite free websites and is great for more than just math practice now.  Check it out, it's free!

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